RealtyMogul – Intro

After setting up an account with I plan to walk through some of the investment options that are offered on the investment platform and then eventually invest in one (or more) of the options that are offered. I’d like to get into some of the detail on the investments as I review the choices that some other investors might or might not typically review so you can have an idea of the major risks involved while I provide details of my investment experiences. Upon initially logging in and briefly reviewing I see there are two main choices to invest in:

First, there is the “MogulREIT I” which is an online Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) designed for diversification and equity appreciation. The MogulREIT I investment has a minimum investment of $1,000 and it pays monthly distributions of 8.00%. One of the major benefits of investing in the REIT is that the minimum investment needed to invest is much less than the individual investments and you have the added benefit of diversification since the REIT invests in numerous different real estate projects at the same time.

Second, these are the individual real estate investment opportunities that are available to be invested in (as of this post).

Investment Type Property Type Location Term Minimum Investment
Equity Multifamily Jeffersontown, KY 7 Years $15,000
Equity Multifamily Baltimore, MD 5 Years $15,000
Equity Retail Various States (Portfolio) 7-10 Years $25,000

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